I have a distinct preference for smooth, streamlined toy rayguns that hit more or less the same stylistic notes: Jet Age fins, concentric rings and conical flourishes either in the barrel or the muzzle. Clunky, brick-planed shapes don’t impress me (prominent after the 50s when ‘technology’ and ‘the future’ seemed to evoke more square, utilitarian-looking shapes). 

And that’s why the Tommy Ray gun by B&W Molded Plastics is one of my favorite designs. It’s got all the best stylings of the Thompson submachine gun with all of the whimsy and wide-eyed spacelust of the Atomic Age. What I appreciate most about it is that genius ammo drum/concentric rings mash-up just in front of the trigger and the fin tail that runs along the barrel’s sides. 

(via atompunkinspired)

Got a Girl – “Did We Live Too Fast”

Got a Girl is a collaboration between Dan the Automator and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (yes, Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim). This is the first single from their album “I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now” with a great retro sci-fi video.